Social Casino Vs. Online Casino: Are the Two the Same or Not?

Blog-Social Casino Vs Online Casino Are the Two the Same or Not

Is social casino the same with an online casino? If you are asking this question, it's most likely that you've come across this term somewhere on the Internet.

To answer this particular section, let's discuss some important details about these two types of online gaming. First, let's define what a social casino and online casino is.

Definition of Terms

Technically, social casinos and online casinos are both online games that you play with other people. Social casino and online casino can either be downloadable or instant play. You can play poker, slots games, Slingo or blackjack in both kinds of casinos.

Cost of Playing

In a social casino, you don't need to deposit to play the games. You can play it free as long as you want. Moreover, you can play games with your friends.

You can ask virtual gifts, requests free spins, and a lot more. However, to some extent, you'll need to spend on in-app purchases. The purchases happen if you aren't the social type on the Internet.

In an online casino, you need to deposit real money to play and bet for a chance to win the prize. Some casinos offer a no-deposit bonus. You can use this bonus without any deposit.


In a social casino, you can maintain anonymity at all times. When you make in-app purchases, you can still pay anonymously through Bitcoin currencies.

You can't do this level of anonymity in an online casino. At some point, you'll need to verify your identity, especially if you're requesting for pay-out.


Social casino is legal in all jurisdiction while the online casino is illegal in some countries. Why? Because of the gambling factor.

Indeed, there's money involved in a social casino, but the purchases are optional. Whether or not you purchase those free spins, you aren't gambling your money away.


In a social casino, you can win prizes, but you can't request pay-out. These prizes are often free spins, more energy, and more coins to spend on upgrades or anything that enhances your social gaming.

In an online casino, you can win actual cash by getting that winning pay line or beating your opponents in a game of cards. When you win a prize, you can withdraw it.

So, Are the Two the Same?

The answer is yes in terms of spending money and addiction factor. A social casino forces you to buy in-app purchases. You can never get your money back in social casino.

Compared to an online casino, you can still get your money back through winning some prizes. You can withdraw it, anytime as long as you verify your identity.

Social casino is gambling in disguise, which makes it more dangerous than an online casino. In an online casino, you know you're dealing with gambling. On the other hand, the social casino doesn't make you realize you're addicted until your credit card bills come.

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