5 Online Casino Player Frauds and Why You Should Never Commit Them

Blog-5 Online Casino Player Frauds and Why You Should Never Commit Them

In an online casino player frauds is common because it generates a billion-dollar income for the economy. This fact is one of the reasons some people commit fraud to win more and withdraw more. So here are the most common player frauds you shouldn’t do, too. Online casinos face steep competition in the industry. To survive the competition, they need to offer competitive casino bonuses to potential customers and veteran players.

Often, casinos offer welcome bonuses, free spins, the initial deposit, and match-up bonuses. New accounts often receive these bonuses. Loyal customers can also receive casino bonuses through a loyalty point system. The most common fraud is bonus abuse. A person will create multiple accounts so he or she can use the casino bonuses in collusion.


This fraud involves at least two players (or two accounts for that matter). Often, these two persons sign up to the same online casino.

The two then receive their casino bonuses. Since casino bonuses have wagering requirements, these two will play together in one casino game. The usual target of this fraud is poker, blackjack, or any game that involves other persons.

The two will lose to each other until both meet the wagering requirement. Then, these people will withdraw their winnings.

Casino Player Frauds Chip Dumping

This fraud is also conspiracy, except it involves dirty money. Often, criminals use chip dumping to deposit laundered money.

Since an online casino is legal and the money earned from it is lawful, these criminals will create multiple accounts and hire people to use those accounts.

The goal is to let one person win many times. That person will get the jackpot, withdraw the money, and deposit it in the bank.

Chargeback Abuse

This type of fraud involves a legitimate account. Often, the person calls his or her bank and denies making a deposit or charge. The casino site will usually accept the chargeback because if it doesn’t, it will cause serious damage to the business.

Casino Player Frauds Credit Card

This kind of fraud involves stolen credit card information. Cybercriminals use the opportunity to use the information in stealing money. Often, their target is Bitcoin casinos. Moreover, credit card owners can use chargeback abuse to deny any online gambling transaction.

Why Should You Avoid These Frauds?

These frauds can hurt an online casino business, especially if its new in the industry. As a legitimate account holder, you shouldn’t try committing these frauds.

The casino will eventually discover your actions. Then, you won’t have access to the site because they blocked your IP address.


Online casinos might be a billion-dollar industry. But, still, some casinos operate legally and hire people to run their business.

If you think these online casinos are a scam, all you need is to report them to the gambling commissions. These gaming authorities will be the ones to regulate and punish malpractices. Don’t commit fraud even if they deserve it.

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